Friday, April 20, 2018

Back to writing

Good news, at least I hope it's good news for you. I am back to writing my dog books after a long (several years) delay. I am currently rewriting my first book (The Dog Who Ate The Airplane) and I have made it significantly longer (from 75,000 words to 126,000 words). I am going to rerelease it with a new title of The Dog Who Attacked The Airplane. This should, hopefully, make it a new book rather than just an update of the original book. If that works, I may reedit all the other Dog books and release them as Attacked rather that Ate. I am also working on the 6th book Flintlock. I have about 26,000 words so far. I hope to have about 100,000 before I'm done and then I'll start on Ghost.

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