FIintlock (book 6)



Only wrote  about 900 words. It seems other things are always getting in the way. Yard work, household repairs, and my wife likes to take a nap in the afternoons. Thus, it's going quite slowly. Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away and, I suppose, I'll get the book done eventually.



Only wrote 976 words. I have the bad(?) habit of editing while I write which definitely slows me down on word count. I've read opinions both ways (stream of consciousness / editing as you go) and most say do what you feel comfortable doing and I prefer editing as I go even though my word count suffers. I like to out things in previous places when I think of them otherwise I'll forget them and the good tidbits (at least I think so) will never get in the manuscript. So, I guess that's the way I will continue to work. Also, editing as you go means you will have less editing when you are finished with the book.



I got 1,243 words done today. Not very good but on Sunday my wife always wants to take a nap and, of course, I have to nap with her.

Just a fun fact (sort of), my wife's dachshund has started getting us up at 5:00 or 5:30 almost every day. I could just kill the damn dog. I'm retired and I don't want to get up that early anymore. 



I didn't get any writing done yesterday (4/21/2018 - Saturday). My wife's granddaughter had a confirmation at her Catholic church and then we went back to their house for lunch which, of course, turned into several hours of visiting (not my favorite way to waste time) and eating (too much, of course). I hope to do some today.


\I haven't written much today. I had other things to occupy my time. Now that I'm retired, there seem to be so many thing to do I don't know how I ever got any writing done in the past. Speaking of which, I need to get back to Flintlock and get at least a little written. It's almost supper time.😏

As of today (so far) I have 26,882 words on my way to 100,000 or so.

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