Sunday, April 22, 2018

Posting on Flintlock page.

All my posting will be done on the Flintlock page. I started posting here and there but can't see any reason to do both. If anything earthshattering comes up I'll post it here. So if you are reading this, check the Flintlock page.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Post a comment

If anyone out there is actually following this blog, please post a comment so I will know you are. If nobody is, I'll probably stop posting and use the time to write on one of my books. I don't mind creating posts, but I'm not going to do it just for me. 

Back to writing

Good news, at least I hope it's good news for you. I am back to writing my dog books after a long (several years) delay. I am currently rewriting my first book (The Dog Who Ate The Airplane) and I have made it significantly longer (from 75,000 words to 126,000 words). I am going to rerelease it with a new title of The Dog Who Attacked The Airplane. This should, hopefully, make it a new book rather than just an update of the original book. If that works, I may reedit all the other Dog books and release them as Attacked rather that Ate. I am also working on the 6th book Flintlock. I have about 26,000 words so far. I hope to have about 100,000 before I'm done and then I'll start on Ghost.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Make suggestions for the writing of The Dog Who Ate The Ghost

If you have any ideas for my seventh Dog book, The Dog Who Ate The Ghost, please enter them here (as comments). If I use one or more of your suggestions when I write the book, I'll give you credit at the front of the book (leave your real name for the credit line). Unfortunately, I cannot compensate you in any way other that the credit line and, of course, any suggestions left on this blog become my property though I probably won't quote anything left here directly. Leave suggestions for characters, character names, situations, diseases, or anything else that you think would be interesting in a mystery book about ghosts. I will tweet the best suggestion each week (to my 50,000 plus followers) giving the author of the suggestion credit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Dog Who Ate The Airplane

The Dog Who Ate The Airplane is now free for the time being. Get your copy now.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Dog Who Ate The ???

The Dog Who Ate The Airplane is on Amazon.
The Dog Who Ate The Burglar is on Amazon.
The Dog Who Ate The Crossbow is on Amazon.
The Dog Who Ate The Drawing is on Amazon.

The Dog Who Ate The Elephant is on Amazon.
Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood (a short story) is on Amazon.


11/5/12 - Well, I've edited through Chapter 25 of The Dog Who Ate The Crossbow. Most, if ot all, chapters will need to be edited at least one more time until I feel comfortable sending it to the Pro editor. Unfortunately, The Last Killer Standing has been retured to me from the editor so it needs finishing. I need to get it done and get it out on Smashwords and Amazon. Then, The Dog Who Ate The Burgler is due back to me later this week and I still have to finish writing about 1/3 of The Dog Who Ate The Drawing. Lots of work to do as you can see. Unfortunately, I start back to work (at the Nevada DMV( today after a lovely 11 days off.


10/12/12 - I finished editing book 3 a few days ago (will have to do it at least one more time) and book 2 is due back from Faith soon (and then I'll have to edit it). I am currently editing The Last Killer Standing (through Chapter 43 of 54).

I have sold 103 book 1 so far and have 10 KDP downloads. I really don't think KDP is any advantage so I will probably put the other books up on Smashwords.

Have 4 reviews now. Will post them when I have the time.



I have sold 67 so far and have 7 KDP downlads, but haven't sold any in 2 days. I'm waiting for review to be posted and then I think sales will pick up. I have 11 days off so I'm hoping to:

1.       Get book 2 of the Dog books Pro edited, edit the Pro edits, release the book on Amazon

2.       Get The Last Killer Standing edited (It’s being pro edited right now) and then released on Amazon and Smashwords.

3.       Get the first chapter of the sequel to The Last Killer Standing (The Last Sibling Standing) finished so it can be included at the end of The Last Killer Standing.

4.       Get book 3 of the Dog books reedited so it can go to the Pro editor.

5.       Finish writing Book 4 of the Dog books and edit it as many times as I can.


NOTE: The Dog Who Ate The Airplane is now (as of 10/2/2012) posted on Amazon & KDP - Free as of 10/4 for five days. Now we shall see what happens.


This is a new blog about the series of 26 books that I am going to write entitled

The Dog Who Ate The ???

with a subtitle of The Adam and Bagel Mysteries : Book whatever number
The books thus far are

Do you sense a theme here? Yes, the entire series is going to be alphabetical. I am hoping to write at least three or four books every year for this series as well as add to the Josh and Abby Mysteries (at least one book per year).

Check the Tabs from time-to-time as I will be adding things to all of them as the books are written. (Just updated Drawing today.)