Future books

There will eventually be 26 books in this series (if I live that long). I will let you know what's coming when I have ideas.

2/17/14 - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with L yet, but I know M is going to be Myan. Adam and crew are going to be in Mexico to find some lost honeymooners.

2/14/14 - I think the 11th book in the series (for K) will be Kidnapper but I'm not rll sure at this point.

2/6/14 - The 10th book will be Jack o'lantern and will be for Halloween. Probably in 2015 (at least I hope so) since I have the other four to write first.

2/3/14 - I think the 9th book, for I, will be Icepick, Icecube, or, I just had a thought, Iceberg. Adam, Marti and Bagel could be on an Alaskan cruise where someone is murdered. Let me know what you think.

2/2/14 - I had originally planned the 8th book, for H, as The Dog Who Ate The Hatfield as in Hatfield and Mccoys, but I think that may be to complex so I'm going to come up with something else, or I may change my mind again. I probably won't have time to start on it until next year (2015) anyway. I have F and G to write as well as keeping my new Wizard series going and I need to write sequels for The Order of the White Feather (which will be Alberon's Quest) and Last Killer Standing (it will be Last Sibling Standing). And, unfortunately I still have my job at the NV DMV (what a waste of time - but it pays the bills).

1/30/14 - The 7th book which will be G for The Dog Who Ate The Grave. It will be about finding the grave of a serial killer forcing Adam, Marti, and Bagel  to find the motivation behind the killer and, of course, who it is.

1/29/14 - The 6th book which will be F for The Dog Who Ate The Flintlock. It will be about someone who is killed during a reenactment and Adam, Marti, and Bagel will have to find the killer and what motivated him (or her).

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